Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced that it will be officially dropping “Donuts” from its name to more align its brand with its expanded menu offerings and changing store experience to appeal to a younger generation. Although its signature pastry will still be offered (otherwise America would be left wondering what in the world it would be dunkin’), Dunkin’ will be beverage focused in 2019.  Dunkin’ has already felt the backlash of this decision from loyal fans who have taken to social media in protest.  Not to be discouraged, Dunkin’ is forging ahead with the rebrand undoubtedly counting on the “America Runs on Dunkin’” tagline to help see them through the transition to simply Dunkin’.  Only time will tell if the drive to modernize was worth the risk of potentially alienating core customers who have developed a strong association with the iconic original brand.  Regardless, this scenario provides an excellent example of the value and goodwill that can be achieved by investing in a strong brand.